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The pictures below provide a good example of flies which have proven to be successful during fishing on the Glomma and the surrounding lakes and mountain rivers. When you tie your own flies you should consider different hook sizes for each species (we recommend between 8-18). Big flies are recommended during Spring and Summer. In Autumn you are better off with smaller flies.

The following flies are also available at the Koppang Camping.

Skytt fiske!
Tight lines!

Just a couple of fishing tips

  • Wear polarized sunglasses and use a wading staff. Fast running water and slippery rocks on the bottom of the river can cause unexpected situations. Safety first - also during fly fishing.
  • Start fishing near the river banks - sometimes there’s a lot of fish right under your nose! Especially when it’s rather cloudy or in the late summer evenings and nights.
  • Use flyline mending and a long leader to make the drift of your dry fly longer and more productive.
  • If the fish are active but will not take your fly, first try to change size. If this doesn’t work either then you can try changing the color or the pattern. 
  • Don’t stay too long on one spot. If you wade a couple of meters further along fishing can be very different.
  • Spend some time on river spotting before you start fishing. It will pay you back if you spot the places the fish rise and you also find out what they take.
  • Inspecting the stomach of a caught fish can tell you what’s on the menu. But don’t do this with all the fish you catch…

And of course...

  • Show respect for the nature and the beautiful surrounding you’re in.
  • Don’t leave any garbage or rubbish.
  • If you make a small fire than take care that it’s not still alight when you leave.
  • Help fellow flyfishers and they will help you.
  • Carry your fishing license with you all the time and follow the rules.
  • Don’t walk through un-mowed grasslands. This supports the local farmers…
  • If you want to eat a fish, only take with you what really need and remember the minimum size of 30 cm. 35 cms would even be better!