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Koppang Camping

Koppang Camping was founded in 1962 and started out as a campground for tents and one single hiker's hut. Over the past decades more ground has been purchased and more cabins have been built. Throughout the years the cabins have been modernized and equipped with heat. The 11 larger cabins feature a kitchen, a shower, and a washroom. In addition, the camping now features bathroom facilities as well as a reception building which also houses a cozy meeting room and a small convenience store.

Surroundings of Hedmark

Koppang Camping is situated in the vastness of Hedmark, Norway's largest province in the South-East of the country. You will find the campground on Road 30, a side road of State Highway 3 that runs from Hamar via Elverum and Rena to the North of Norway. Road 30 runs North via the centre of Koppang to Tynset and Røros and literally bridges Norway's longest river, the Glomma.

The camping is located directly on the Glomma, which offers various recreational possibilities. Canoeing, fishing and swimming are among the favourites. The quaint town of Koppang is situated 1,5 kilometers from the campsite and can easily be reached by foot, bike, or car. Koppang offers a wide variety of stores and facilities. Koppang Camping is open from the last week in April until about October 1.

Dogs are permitted as long as they are on a leash.