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Cross countrskiing

Cross countrskiing is Norway's number one pastime in the winter months. No wonder the best biathlon athletes in the world are Norwegian. Biathlon originated as an exercise for Norwegian soldiers. Slowly, the sport caught on In Scandinavia and became a demonstration sport In the Olympic Winter games of 1924, 1928, 1936 and 1948. It did not reach official Olympic sport status at the time because there were no generally accepted rules. In 1958, the first official world championship biathlon took place.

Right behind Koppang Camping there is 20 km. biathlon course with machine made tracks. If that doesn't satisfy your needs, then you may want to try some designated biathlon routes along Vinjevegen and other mountain roads. Part of the biathlon route is asphalted which makes for a perfect rollerblade and roller skitrack in summertime.