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Fly Fishing

For sensational Fly Fishing few areas can beat the area surrounding Koppang Camping. Uniquely positioned on the banks of the Glomma River Koppang Camping offers an ideal base for the experience of a lifetime. The Glomma River, also known as Glåma River, takes its rise from Aursund in the province of Sør Trondelag and flows down through province of Hedmark, Akershus and Øsfold. It discharges in the Oslofjord nearby the town of Fredrikstad. The river covers a total length of about 604 kilometres, which makes it Norway’s longest river.

Fishing license

If you want to fish in the Glomma River you are obliged to buy the Stor-Elvdal fishing license. With this license you are allowed to fish in the area between Atna in the north (where highway 3 crosses the river) and the border between Stor-Elvdal Community and Åmot Community. This covers nearly 80 kilometers of perfect Glomma fishing waters. Some minor sections of the river are not covered by the license. These sections should be marked and provide their own fishing license. The license that covers most of the Glomma is available at the reception.

In addition you are allowed to fish in most of the lakes in the close surroundings. Why not try these mountain lakes which support their own species of fish? A great alternative to days when the water level in the river is too high or simply if you would like to try a new experience. 
The contents of the license can be found on the 'Fishing License' page. 

Fish species in the Glomma

The river is legendary to fishermen because its wealth of fish species. In addition to Trout and Grayling you will find perfect conditions for PerchPike,RoachCommon Whitefish and Burbot. During the season fisherman regularly catch 50 cm Graylings; Trout weighing up to 4 Kilos and Pike up to 12 Kilos are not uncommon.
Learn more about the fish species in the Glomma.


Just South from Koppang Camping and Sundfloen Bridge you will find the ‘Koppangsøyene’ area. In this part of the Glomma River mother nature has created a fascinating labyrinth of small and large islands, many different streams and pools. The rise and fall of water levels in this archipelago means the fish constantly move to different reaches and pools. This ever changing pattern brings an added challenge to fisherman as you explore this beautiful area to follow the best specimens in the river. 

Even those who have been before find that the area constantly changes as the river flow rates differ from year to year. This is caused by ice in the river during the winter and the ice movement during spring. The force of the ice in the river is so strong that is can move sandbanks, rocks and even complete small islands. That makes each Spring a time of surprises and discoveries. The Koppangsøyene-area covers a length of c. 10 kilometers, down to Stai Bridge.

North from Koppang Camping you can also find very good fly fishing stretches; fascinating surroundings with some of the regions best fish means that you will almost always have a great day with us. Just ask us at the Camping site and we will give you information about the best spots.