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Koppang Camping Site Regulations

On a camping site a lot of people are crowded together in a limited area. They have different habits and this is an important part of the fascination and excitement of camping. But it also means that rules have to apply to stop campers disturbing each other. For those with a seasonal pitch, more comprehensive rules apply in addition to those given below.


  • 1.01. Inform the Warden/information Desk/Reception of your arrival. Give your name and home address and produce some form of identification if required. 
  • 1.02. Groups should be checked in by guide/group leader. 
  • 1.03. If special conditions apply to your unit, mention this on arrival. 


  • 2.01. Payment according to current rates. See camp notice.


  • 3.01. You undertake to study the rules concerning fire protection, gas, electric hook-up and other safety regulations. Please therefore obey notices and staff instructions. 
  • 3.02. Only camping equipment of normal type and size permitted. Your own equipment such as fences, platforms, etc must not be installed without staff permission. Digging is not permitted. Creating open camp fires on grass or forest ground is not permitted.
  • 3.03. Keep the noise down during the day and observe silence between 22.30 and 07.00. 
  • 3.04. The use of weapons and fireworks is prohibited. 
  • 3.05. Some types of games between tents, caravans and camper vans can be a nuisance or dangerous. Use the playground for playing and ball games. 
  • 3.06. Driving should be kept to a minimum and only at walking pace. 
  • 3.07. You are not allowed to wash your car on Koppang Camping. A carwash is available in the centre of Koppang. 
  • 3.09. Refuse should be deposited in the designated place, as should flammable material. 
  • 3.10. Consideration should be shown for other guests if pets are brought in. Dogs should be kept on a short lead and taken outside the camping area to perform their functions. Poo bags must be used. 
  • 3.11. The sale of goods and services is not permitted without the permission of the warden. 
  • 3.12. Campers behaving badly or disturbing the peace may be ordered off the site, if necessary with police assistance. 


  • 4.01. Unless agreed otherwise, the pitch should be vacated and left clean and tidy by 12 noon. Cabins need to be left, tidy and cleaned, before 11.00.


  • 5.01. The camping site cannot be held responsible for campers' possessions. 
  • 5.02. Damage caused to the camp or other campers must be compensated in accordance with regulations in force. 

Koppang Camping is situated in an area of natural beauty. Please help to defend nature and the environment! Both need your protection! Enjoy your stay with us!


For rental off cabins all points are applicable. For rental off campingplaces points 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are applicable.

0. Prices

Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie reserves the right to change prices in the event the State’s provisions with respect to fees are changed. When fees are changed, the lessor automatically has the right to change his/her prices with respect to offers that have been made and offers that have already been booked.

1. The rental arrangement

  • 1.1 The booking order is binding on the parties once made in writing, orally or electronically (by means of the Internet, e-mail or a mobile telephone text message). Written confirmation of the booking will be promptly sent to the lessee.
  • 1.2 Should there be discrepancies in the written confirmation, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie is bound for five (5) days by the content of the confirmation sent. The lessee can, in as far as these discrepancies are not acceptable, cancel the lease agreement in writing before the deadline, i.e. within 5 days.
  • 1.3 The lessee may demand and transfer rights and duties with respect to the agreement to a third person up until the stay begins. If a third person enters into the agreement, he or she will be liable with the lessee for payment of any possible outstanding amounts that arise as a result of the transfer.

2. Payment terms and conditions

  • 2.1 When a leasing agreement is entered into, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie will send confirmation of this to the lessee.
  • 2.2 Prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

3. The accommodation

  • 3.1 Check-in after 15.00. Check-out before 11.00. When checking out, the key must be delivered to the same place it was obtained.
  • 3.2 The lessee is responsible for cleaning the unit. When leaving, the unit and all furnishings shall be cleaned and rubbish deposited in the nearest container for this purpose.
  • 3.3 A final cleaning service may be ordered/booked for an extra fee. If the lessee orders final cleaning, the unit is to be vacated in a tidy state, dishes washed, tables and benches cleaned and rubbish placed in the nearest container for this purpose.
  • 3.4 Final cleaning is obligatory in certain cases. In these cases, cleaning is included in the rental price and this is noted in the confirmation. Preparations before vacating the unit described in sub-section 3.3 shall nonetheless be carried out.
  • 3.5 Electricity is included in the rent, except for the period September April 15 - September 30. In this period the electricity costs will be calculated and add to the normal rent.
  • 3.6 Certain cases require a security deposit to ensure that the lessee fulfils his/her obligations and this is included in the rental price. The deposit covers return of key(s), payment for additional services such as provision of firewood and so forth, as well as compensation in the case of damages/breakage or an inadequate final cleaning. Repayment of the deposit is settled about a week after the departure date.
  • 3.7 Pets are allowed in some units and this is noted in the confirmation. The lessee undertakes to inform Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie about pets when making enquiries/ordering.

4. Cancellation

Lessee’s cancellation:

Before the beginning of the stay, the lessee at any time may cancel the agreement giving reason in writing to Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie. The cancellation is considered valid when it has arrived and is in hand at Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie. The following fees will be charged and will normally cover Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie’s expenses for compensation:

  • 4.1 For cancellations up to 31 days before the beginning of the stay, 25% of the total amount. Minimum amount NOK 150,-.
  • 4.2 For cancellations between 30-15 days before the beginning of the stay, 50% of the total amount. Minimum amount NOK 500,-.
  • 4.3 For cancellations between 14-4 days before the beginning of the stay, 75% of the total amount. Minimum amount NOK 750,-.
  • 4.4 For cancellations from the 3th day until the arrival date: 100% of the total amount.
  • 4.5 In the case of no arrival or early departure 100% of the total amount.
  • 4.6 Unused services cannot be claimed for reimbursement.

Lessor’s cancellation:

Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie can terminate the agreement in the following instances:

  • 4.7 Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie can require the lessee to leave if the lessee mismanages or neglects the unit, or disturbs public law and order. In such cases, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie has a right to compensation, in addition to the rent and deposit, amounting to the total expenses incurred. Any extra expenses in connection with travel home shall be paid by the lessee.
  • 4.8 Checking-in takes place after 15.00. Should unforeseen events make the unit uninhabitable, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie will endeavour to find alternate accommodation. Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie will endeavour to find the best possible accommodation, but nonetheless cannot guarantee the same standard. The lessee shall pay the same price, or less, if the alternate accommodation has a lower price than that originally booked.

5. Changes

Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie will accommodate the lessee’s wishes for changes to the agreement. Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie charges a change fee for this of NOK 150,-.

6. Force majeure

If the stay cannot take place due to force majeure (e.g. war, labour strikes, lockouts, rationing of petroleum products, closure of boarders, epidemics, natural catastrophes or contamination catastrophes etc.), both Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie and the lessee may cancel the leasing agreement. If the agreement is cancelled by the lessee, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie can require proportional compensation for expenses related to the cancellation of the stay.

7. Illness

The lessee must bear expenses related to illness that are incurred during the stay. This also applies to outlays for any possible necessary transport of the lessee home. If the lessee’s state of health is worrisome, Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie recommends that he/she visit a doctor before booking. We recommend that the lessee purchase cancellation insurance without excess. This may be purchased from an insurance company.

8. Deficiencies

  • 8.1 Should there be problems or should anything be missing, the lessee shall get in touch with Koppang Camping & Hytteutleie.