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Workshop Programme

In the past ten years a group of about 145 fishermen took part in this unique workshop. We developped a programme for up to 12 participants. During the day the group is split up in 3 smaller groups. This will guarantee that every participant gets the attention needed. The morning hours will be used for instructions in casting techniques and fly tying. In the afternoon each group will fish under the supervision of one of the instructors in order to practice the things learned in the morning. 

What are the topics that will be covered during
the workshop?

  • Casting Techniques, improvements plus recognising and eliminating casting errors;
  • Learning Trick casts (e.g. bow cast, parachute cast,
    reach cast, etc.);
  • Apply the learned casting techniques in the river;
  • Learn how to 'read' the water and adjust your tactics accordingly;
  • How to fish with dry flies, wet flies and nymphs;
  • Gaining knowledge of insects (entomology) for fly fisherman;
  • Tying flies, which will meet the need of local conditions.


Because we got several questions from the more experienced fly fishermen whether it is also possible to take part in this workshop without doing the fly tying and fly casting instructions on the lawn, we now also offer a program for the fly fishermen who are capable of tying their own 'catching flies' and know well how to handle their fly line on running water and in difficult situations. For this group we skip the tying and casting instructions. Instead of that we will offer guiding and coaching at the river. We leave the campsite after breakfast and you will be accompanied by an instructor / guide. This way you will spend much more time fishing the River Glomma!
In the evening hours there is still time to ty extra flies if necessary.