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Our instruction team

Our team exists of four very experienced and internationally well know instructors.
For casting and fishing techniques you can rely our two EFFA (European Fly fishing Association) certified casting instructors Tore Litleré Rydgren and Bas de Bruin.

  • Tore Litleré Rydgren is an EFFA certified fly casting instructor and a well known professional fishing guide for the Rena and Glomma rivers. Tore knows the area like his own backyard and has a lot of knowledge and practical information about fly fishing, which he is willing to share with the participants. Tore regularly gives lectures and demos in Norway and the Netherlands. Tore is also know as the organiser of the Fluefiskedagene i Elverum.
  • Bas de Bruin is a Dutch EFFA flycasting certified Master Instructor and fishing guide. Bas will teach you several trick casts that will help you to get on the fish in more demanding situations. Like Tore he also is able to improve your casting technique and to teach you how to become a more effective fisherman. Bas provides fly casting classes and demonstrations in the Netherlands and several other European countries. As such he really is a very wellcome guest at large fly-fishing events.

For fly tying and fishing techniques you can rely on the knowledge of our instructor from the Netherlands, Erik van den Hoek.

  • Erik van den Hoek is a highly motivated fly fisherman with loads and loads of practical fly tying tips. He is specialised in tying simple and effective ‘no nonsense’ flies. Norway is Erik’s favourite fly fishing country. That does explain why he has been fishing here for more than 25 years and often more that twice a year. His personal website is daily visited by over 800 interested international fly fishermen (www.erikdenoorman.com).

All our instructors will provide you with fishing tips and guidance during fishing in the afternoon.