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Workshop Fly Fishing and Fly Tying 2019

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experienced fly fishermen.
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For the eleventh time in a row a special Workshop Fly Fishing and Fly Tying will be organised by Koppang Camping. This workshop has been set up for those fly fisherman, who would like to improve their casting skills and above all learn to improve their fishing techniques for trout and grayling in rivers and lakes. On top of that, our experienced instructors will tell you how to tie simple, but effective flies for catching grayling and trout.

The workshop  will be held in the second week of September (1st-7th). Base camp for the workshop is Koppang Camping, which is perfectly situated along the borders of the Glomma river. The Glomma river is well known amongst flyfishers for its large trout and grayling population. We invite you to subscribe and particpate in this educational and exciting workshop!

Why in September?

As said, the workshop will take place in September. This is the perfect time for fly fishing in a river like the Glomma, because by then the water level is often low and perfect for flyfishing. The weather is often very good and the fish are eager to take your flies. They feel the need to eat because of the coming winter. These givings combined with location and the participation of internationally well known instructors, will make this week to a perfect learning experience for beginners and advanced fly fishermen. All in all it will help flyfishers to make a good start at how to become an experienced fly fisherman.

More about this workshop

Read more about this workshop's programma, our instruction team, the location, what equipment you need and the datescosts and how to register for this workshop.